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The most effective HEALTH AND FITNESS PROGRAM ever designed for maximum benefits

Improve Your Lifestlye Today!

Are you 40 years old? 60 years old? 80?

Whatever your age, it doesn’t have to stand in the way of living a healthy, active life. In fact, research has increasingly shown that the true secret to living “well” at any age is regular physical activity –
and that exercise will improve your health whether you are nine years old or 90!

The benefits of regular physical activity are amazing!

Physical activity can:


Reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke

Increase the “good” cholesterol in the blood
Control high blood pressure
Manage stress
Help you lose weight and keep it off
Reduce the risk of injuries and resist diseases
Slow the aging process and add quality years to your life
Provide social interaction with others
Help you sleep better at night
Help you i ncrease flexibility and endurance
Make you feel great, look great, and give you more energy
Improve your posture, coordination, agility, and balance

Physical activity can give you a positive outlook on life and twinkle in your eye!

It’s all about how you feel…

Research has shown that physical activity does much more than strengthen your heart and build your bones – it improves how you feel about yourself and your life. Regular exercise can renew your energy, improve your outlook, help you sleep better, and combat anxiety and depression.

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…And how you live
The price of not being physically active is a high one. As you gradually lose flexibility, endurance, strength, balance, coordination and your ability to move easily and comfortably, your life can be altered dramatically. Climbing stairs, hauling groceries, traveling and enjoying activities with your family and friends can all become more difficult or even impossible. Your attitude and ability to “roll” with life’s ups and downs (both physically and mentally) can be negatively effected by sedentary living.
The moral of the story? Aging is a lot more fun when you’re active. Exercise is an anti-aging “drug” with no risks or side effects!

Mission Statement
“To encourage Healthy and Health Challenged individuals to adopt an active lifestyle through physical activity. Fitness is the Fountain of Youth. Get Active and Stay Healthy."

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Heidi Stokes
Gemini Fitness Inc.

Steveston, British Columbia, Canada

ACE Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer
BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer

Phone: 604-506-1087
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