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Football Titan

Football Titan is a browser based football management game. You manage a football team and lead them to become the strongest titan in the universe.

  • Real Time Match
  • Match in Football Titan is viewable, minute to minute. You are also able to change the tactic during the match.

  • Deep Tactical Setting
  • In Football Titan there are almost unlimited possibilities of tactic that you can choose. Set personal instruction based on your player traits.

  • Play Againts Real Human
  • All teams in Football Titan are played by real human.

    Prove your football management skill in the world stage.

  • Social Networking Features
  • Football Titan added social networking features like friendship (we called it as 'colleague' here), comment and message.

  • Non-stop development
  • Football Titan is developing its program non-stop, we are doing seamless improvement anytime. We are also open to the ideas and suggestion from our members.

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